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The Ergonomics Society
This is the site of the British Ergonomics Society. It provides information about Ergonomics, members of the Ergonomics Society and links to useful information.

This is a human factors and ergonomics resource and information website.  

Cornell University
This is an excellent site for information on the ergonomic design workstations. It includes easy checklists, tools, quick ref guidelines and publications.  

IEE Workshop
The IEE's Human Factors in Engineering Professional Network is organising a Training Course on Human Factors for Engineers - Addressing Human Requirements in System Development, which will take place on 21-22 September 2004 at Ashorne Hill Conference Centre, Leamington Spa.

Human Factors related aviation

FAA Human Factors
This is the Human Factors site of the American Federal Aviation Authority.  

Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (FAA)
This site is related to the FAA and contains information about programs of research on such things as behavioural stressors, aircrew performance and organisational effectiveness.  

Eurocontrol Human Factors
This is the Human Factors site within Eurocontrol.  

Air Traffic Cafe
This is an excellent site for non-Human Factors people to find out more about HF in ATM.  

his site provides information for government and corporate risk and security world-wide. 

Aviation Online
This site provides ICAO world-wide airport codes listed in alphabetical order by airport.


Air Accidents Investigation Branch
This site is part of the Department of Transport site and is responsible for the Investigation of civil aircraft accidents and serious incidents within the UK. 

National Transportation Safety Board
The National Transportation Safety Board is an independent Federal agency that investigates every civil aviation accident in the United States and significant accidents in the other modes of transportation. 

Australian Transport Safety Bureau
This is the site of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. It contains lots of information on safety culture.  

Civil Aviation Safety Authority
This is the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority website. It has links to its Flight Safety magazines which has good articles on safety issues.  

This is the site of the Health and Safety Executive. It contains statistics, press releases, information sources.  

CAA Safety Regulation Group
This site is related to the main CAA website. The Safety Regulation Group ensures that UK civil aviation standards are set and achieved in a co-operative and cost-effective manner. 

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