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This page contains links to public discussions areas. We maintain a separate protected website for active project discussions and notes.

Flight Systems and Air Traffic Management

Flight systems and Air Traffic Management is an area of work that our group has specialised in for over 30 years. In this environment our group has offered practical solutions to real problems that has shown positive return on investment.



Requirements Discussion

We use discussions to record suggestions about project requirements development. This area acts as an open forum on topics such as what should or shouldn't be included in design. It also allows participants to engage in public dialogue regarding the merits of various requests for enhancements. Anyone is welcome to submit suggestions via email.

Knowledge Base

We use this discussion area to record common questions and answers that crop up in the course of working on our projects. Topics include good sources of tools, information on building various parts of the future safe air traffic system, and anything else that people in the project or interested in similar areas would find generally useful.

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